All plant powered for
Higher Performance

All plant powered for Higher Performance

Find out where the BACX journey began
and the science involved

Find out where the BACX journey began and the science involved

BACX - The Next Generation in Performance Nutrition

I was lying in a hospital bed 6,000 miles from home. It was the last place where I expected to make a major decision about my career. Hours before, I suffered a serious crash during an endurance bike race in South Africa. My hip was about to have 3 six-inch screws surgically inserted, in an attempt to save it. As I laid there, I talked to another racer. He was in the ER for heart problems—officials worried he’d have a heart attack. While I listened to his story, I became more intrigued by the symptoms he was suffering. They felt familiar. I too had experienced them, as well as a few other unpleasant ones, during events or intense training days. Heart palpitations, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, severe headaches and major stomach problems. These even described my last expedition crossing the Himalayas on a mountain bike.

That’s when I wondered: Could it be my sports nutrition supplements that were the cause, and what exactly was in them? I packed my body with so many drinks, bars, chews and powders. But what were they really made of? I promised to get to the bottom of it. It resulted in the biggest career change of my life: I ditched my highly-paid corporate career to go back to school.

In short, I traded an executive office for a laboratory. I covered thousands of pages of scientific research. I learned from physiologists, molecular biologists and biochemists. I wanted to create the most natural and high-performing endurance nutrition formula. I did. (And I’m back on the bike.)

Today, we’re about to launch BACX. It’s the most convenient, natural way to get your body the nutrition it needs, to be at your best. Packed full of beneficial nutrients from plants, it’s designed to optimize your vascular and muscle function. I say your—because BACX is also tailored to your gender and endurance needs.

Constant energy. Efficient hydration.
Better performance. Come join us.

-Jason Baits-Tomlin

Meet the brains behind BACX

Jason Baits-Tomlin

CEO, Founder & thrill Seeker

Jason is a business builder by profession, but an adventurer at heart. Then, what better way to turn a passion into a vocation, through the creation of BACX. Before this, he spent most of his career driving transformation for multinational corporations. He’s a qualified accountant, holds a 1st class MBA from the University of Oxford, and is a scholar of exercise physiology and nutrition. Jason is passionate about anything on two wheels, that needs pedal power to climb a mountain!

DR benjamin dodsworth

Scientist & Outdoor enthusiast

Ben is an entrepreneurial life scientist and co-founder of PIPRA – award winning AI technology to maintain brain health. Ben holds a PhD in cell biology from the University of Oxford and a first class Masters in Biological Sciences, molecular biology. He’s won several science prizes, including winner of the EIT Health PhD Transition Fellowship. Ben has worked with big Pharma companies like Roche, Pfizer and R-Biopharm. You’ll either find him half-way up a rock face or in a laboratory working on new innovations.

Antti kontsas

Peformance Coach & Cyclist

Antti entered the elite sport arena in 2011 when he joined Hintsa – a world leader in human high-performance coaching. For the past seven years he’s been the performance coach of Formula 1 champ Sebastian Vettel. His profound expertise comes with a string of degrees – Bachelor in Sports Science, Masters in Sports Management, Masters in Strength & Conditioning (with distinction). He also represented Finland in junior football. But nowadays you’ll find him on the trails in Switzerland, pursuing his passion for mountain biking!


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