We're Finally Producing Our First Batch Of BACX For All You Long Milers!

To mark this occasion, we’d like to take you behind the scenes to show what we’ve been doing since March 2020.

The Pandemic and Brexit have brought significant business challenges in the past 12 months, but we prevailed! With great thanks to the entire BACX team, investors, close business partners, Oxford University and not least our supportive families. With our first batch of product to be produced this week, we can now officially begin our crusade to set the new standard in performance nutrition, that is used during exercise.

Disrupted But Not Destroyed

The Pandemic stalled our initial go-to-market plans. Staying robust became the overriding objective, and so we re-thought a few things and made some adjustments. It also gave us the opportunity to jump back into the laboratory, with the aim of turning a good product, into a great one.

We enhanced our formulations and ended up creating the world’s first liquid concentrate sport nutrition product - BACX Endurance Fuel Mix. Why? Well, we thought, if the pandemic is going to induce more in-home purchase, we better find a way to ship less volume around, to reduce cost and our carbon footprint. Keeping in mind that our first concept was to combine all the food and fluids you need in a ready-to-drink format. Now our customers can have the Mix delivered to their doors, at a more affordable cost. They can add the appropriate amount of water themselves, in their preferred hydration devices, for their fully integrated on-the-go nutrition needs.

The piece of kit, next to Dr. Benjamin Dodsworth – our Chief Scientific Advisor, looking accomplished in his lab gear – is an Armfield miniature scale heat treatment machine. This enabled us to experiment with a series of pasteurisation methods, to give the product a long shelf life without refrigeration. While maintaining nutritional chemistry, taste profile, and eliminating the need for use of controversial preservatives. We cracked it all!

We also continued our development work on natural flavour systems, designed to compliment the base notes of our two main plant-based ingredients – derivatives of Sweet Potato and Coconuts. The picture on the far right shows the resulting mixed and pasteurised ready-to-drink formulations in lab glass bottles. You’ll have to try it for yourself, but what we ended up with is a formulation, based on the strongest molecular science for highest performance, delivered using ALL PLANT ingredients, with an outstanding taste. Jen Shackleton, you’re a food scientist genius!

We created 4 flavours, but our founder Jason took the call to launch the Fresh Orange variant first. Orange is not usually his go to flavour in any beverage product, but he was so taken by the astounding result.

Rigorous Testing

Then we tested the heck out of the formulation. First, for athletic performance, observing a Time-To-Exhaustion of 6 hours under consecutive high-intensity cycling sets. BACX not only blew the competition away on performance, but also exhibited no side effects (such as upset stomach) and was markedly easy to ingest, repeatedly. Reduced muscle inflammation and time to recovery also far exceeded our expectations.
Next, we examined the nutritional chemistry of the formulation following our preferred pasteurisation process. To ensure no material degradation of the formula and that our processes subscribed to the highest standards of food safety. We nailed it and achieved shelf life results of 7-12 months, without the need to put the product in the fridge! And with no controversial chemical preservatives in sight.

Out Of The Lab Into Commercialisation

With all testing done and operational protocols established, we were able to begin commercialisation at the end of last year. That began with sourcing the finest raw ingredients for our recipes, such as coconuts from Indonesia, and sweet potatoes from Germany.

Selecting partners with the highest ethics and responsible buying practices is vitally important for us at BACX. You might remember in July last year when major supermarket chains began removing monkey-picked coconut products from their shelves. When the animal rights group PETA cited that ‘pigtailed macaques in Thailand were treated like coconut-picking machines’. We do not condone this at all at BACX. For instance our supplier of coconuts subscribes to a strict verification program, making sure that partners harvest in an ethical manner and uphold the highest food safety protocols.

With raw materials sourced, the first-stage of manufacturing could commence. Whereby we accessed some incredibly advanced food technology that sensitively processes whole food ingredients. To retain all the nutrient power that advances exercise, and eliminate the compounds that don’t. The resulting customised derivatives were then mixed with a series of other important plant-based ingredients. All in the large mixing tanks shown in the far right picture above.

The Customer Experience

BACX Endurance Fuel mix was ready to be packed! Not without the design and creation of our bespoke convenient pouches, and other packaging components. Brought to you by the brilliance of Tom Barber.

The great thing is that plants were also used in their making. For instance our BACX boxes, third picture above that include 5x pouches, are made using wood from sustainably managed forests, which is certified through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). And the ink used to print our designs is made from vegetables! All this means that our BACX boxes are fully recyclable.

When it comes to our BACX reusable bottles, these are made using 100% bio-based materials from non-food sugar cane crops. They’re built for toughness, but then also kind on the environment. They’re fully recyclable, but if for some reason they ended up in landfill, it will only take between 1 and 5 years for them to degrade. Compared to a standard PET bottle which can take as long as 500 years.

All of the necessary packaging components arrived at the second-stage manufacturing plant this week, ready to house the liquid gold BACX formulation!

Our Production Team Are Ready. Are You?

By the of this week we will have produced the first batch of BACX Charge Endurance Fuel Mix, Fresh Orange Flavour, for Men and Women. By Monday it will be in our warehouse, ready to ship to ship to you, which means that our on-line shop is now open for business!

To celebrate our maiden production run, we’ll also be launching the BACX Ultimate Outdoor Giveaway competition, imminently. So please keep an eye out and we’d be honoured if you joined our crusade.

Best Wishes

The BACX Team.

BACX Charge Endurance Fuel Mix - For Women

BACX Charge Endurance Fuel Mix - For Men