BACX Bio Bottle

BACX Bio Bottle


This sustainable reusable bottle is designed for use with BACX Charge Endurance Fuel Mix for Men & Women.

It’s built for toughness, but also kind on the environment, being made of 100% biodegradable polyethylene. The triangular grooves on the cap give extra grip - especially when drinking on the move. This bottle is the favourite among professional bicycle racers on the Tour De France.

500ml Bottle
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How to use BACX

Our BACX reusable bottle is the ideal solution, for use when you’re refuelling on the move.

Simply decant your chosen concentrate into your bottle, add the correct amount of fresh water and shake well. For Women, fill with water to the 375ml indicator on the bottle. And for Men, fill to the 500ml line.

Feel Better. Perform Better.

BACX is committed to a sustainable future

We are actively trying to make a positive contribution to the environment and the overal reduction of disposable plastic in the World. This level of committment has seen us develop relationships with suppliers who can offer ‘nature-friendly’ eco materials. Our BACX reusable bottle is formed of biobased polyethylene made of sugarcane and fully biodegradable ployethelene.

These cleverly combined materials don’t react to light, heat or moisture, to maintain the highest quality during use. But when no longer functional, the bottle can fully decompose at a landfill site in as little time as one year, up to a maximum of five. Traditional PET bottles can take as long as 500 years to decompose, if at all. But rather than dumping it in the regular bin, we encourage you to recycle our bottles when no longer required.