Water plays a vital role in several of the body’s functions

Such as converting carbs to
energy and thermoregulation

We all know that if you allow yourself to become dehydrated it makes your exercise sets tougher. But it is worthwhile reminding ourselves about the mechanics of why this happens.
It’s because water plays a vital role in several of the body’s functions. Such as absorbing and transporting nutrients to specific locations, like your muscles. As a medium to convert those nutrients into energy, to increase the work rate of your muscles. And to stop your muscles from overheating, through a process of thermoregulation.
Then, if fluids lost through sweat are not replenished, the small intestine’s capacity to absorb nutrients will reduce. So lets assume you repeatedly ingest carbohydrate gels, without enough water. What happens is that you’ll end up overloading your stomach, running the risk of gastrointestinal distress.
You’ll also likely become even more dehydrated, which could then affect your body’s ability to convert glucose to energy. You’ll end up losing strength, power and endurance.

Gastrointestinal distress is the last thing you want during endurance exercise. It can include stomach cramps, flatulence, urgency to defecate, and diarrhoea. So, its important to take in the right amount of carbs and water together. This will also help your muscles work at higher capacities for longer, as opposed to just carbs alone. These scientific studies, are conclusive in this regard.

It’s the very reason we give clear instructions on the appropriate volume of water to add to BACX Endurance Fuel Mix. In this way you will get all the nutrients in the right proportions to be able to perform, with your stomach in tact.