BCAA’s as an extra source of energy for that final push

Especially important in the latter
stages of endurance exercise

When you step back and look at BACX, the number one thing it stands for is in giving you premium energy. We all know how tough it can be in those final miles when you are feeling depleted of energy. So we thought about other plant-based compounds that could help you to smash through The Wall.

Enter, Branched Chain Amino Acids. It’s widely documented that these Aminos are the building blocks of protein and are critical in protein synthesis. The process of repairing damaged muscles resulting from prolonged or intense exercise.

Yet, what is less well known is that they can also be valuable as a source of energy, in the later stages of endurance activities. Especially when Glycogen stores are low. What we’ve learned is that the body breaks down amino acids, from skeletal muscle protein, to use as energy for as much as 10% of total requirements. Moreover, Mohammad Fayiz AbuMoh’d and his colleagues found that time to exhaustion in a BCAA trial was improved, over subjects whom did not supplement. You can find the research in the Journal of Human Kinetics <here>

Earlier, Gualano and colleagues had found the same, as well as citing an increase in the rate the fats are being oxidised, as yet another source of energy. This link <here> will take you the research published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

However, if your body breaks down and uses more than that which it needs to retain for proper protein synthesis, your muscle mass could be reduced. This means you could loose strength and power.

Then, this is why we add plant-based Branched Chain Amino Acids in BACX products. To help for increased energy during prolonged activities, and in a head start on muscle repair once you’re done.