Spartan and BACX team up to educate racers about the ‘power of plants’ when fuelling performance

28th May 2021, Oxford:
“No more dining in hell Spartans, BACX is here to help you conquer”
BACX Founder, Jason Baits-Tomlin

We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Spartan in the UK, the world’s leading obstacle course race (OCR) and endurance brand, in a bid to help its community maximise their performance whilst eliminating the side effects of more traditional forms of sports nutrition. BACX will become the Official All Plant Performance Fuel Partner of the Spartan UK & Ireland race series.

“BACX is the closest you'll get to whole foods in sports nutrition, with the best scientific engineering to maximise performance and eliminate side effects,” said Baits-Tomlin.

We have a shared philosophy with Spartan in tearing people off the sofa and helping them push past their limits. BACX Founder, Jason Baits-Tomlin, has undertaken some inspiring endurance adventures over the past decade. He's paddled the Zambezi, climbed Mont Blanc, cycled the full length of the Alps, and crossed a substantial part of the Himalayas by mountain bike. During this time, he began to realise that traditional synthetic sports nutrition fell short of its promise of higher athletic performance, and left him battling a bunch of side effects.

So he set out to do something radically different, in creating the best All Plant Performance Fuels for use during training, competition and adventure. BACX was born to offer unrivalled energy right to the end, better management of lean body mass, improved vascular and muscle function, and a head start on recovery. All of this using the power of plants.

“The entire BACX team is thrilled to join the Spartan UK & Ireland community. I've long admired Spartans in their commitment to an adventure fitness lifestyle that goes far beyond the start and finish line of any single race. Early rises, late finishes, and the determination to balance training, family, and work commitments. This way of life is synonymous with why I created BACX - to produce the healthiest, most scientifically sound, and reliable performance fuels around, to help unbreakable humans smash through the wall...repeatedly! said Baits-Tomlin.

BACX sheds light on 2 scientifically backed benefits of using plant based fuel:


It’s well-known that carbs are vital for endurance athletes. And the reason that BACX have innovated its all-natural plant-based nutrition products is partly due to the excellent profile of multiple types of carbs in plants, to yield constant energy. Using nature’s design means that athletes won’t over consume the wrong types of carbs that can lead to stomach problems and increased body fat %, which is proven to impact endurance. Plant carbs also come with a bunch of minerals and phytochemicals that are important for proper vascular and muscle function during exercise. All of which are stripped away in ultra-processed and synthetic sports nutrition products.


During intensive training, your muscles are slightly damaged. These small tears are then rebuilt and strengthened during the recovery process. Inflammation is the body’s natural defence against injury. However, too much inflammation can lead to muscle soreness, reduced muscular performance and impaired recovery. Not what you need when you need to get up the next day and hit a hard training regime again. Plant-based nutrition has been shown to naturally decrease inflammation which helps to improve recovery times after exercise or endurance challenges.


BACX is All Natural Performance Fuel for use during your training, competition, or adventure. It’s 100% plant-based and the closest you’ll get to whole foods in sports nutrition, with the best scientific engineering to maximise performance and eliminate side effects. A unique mix of superfood ingredients help you be stronger, go further, and smash through the wall… every time! Ready for superior energy, enhanced muscle function & faster recovery - without the nasty side effects? Just mix 1 pouch with water and that's your complete performance nutrition for 1 hour, sorted.


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