The Science Behind Plant-Based Nutrition

Athletes have always been bound by animal products for their supposed nutritional superiority. Here, we look at the science behind plant-based nutrition.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of the world’s most elite athletes have turned to plant-based nutrition. As exhibited in the Sundance-selected film The Game Changers, athletes from across the globe are discovering that they don’t need animal-derived nutrients for power, speed and endurance. In fact, many are finding that they perform, and recover, more efficiently by cutting out meat and dairy products.

For decades, athletes and sports enthusiasts have been bound by meat and animal products for their supposed nutritional superiority. However, plant-based nutrition products – like our groundbreaking BACX ALL PLANT Endurance Fuel Mix – are mounting a resistance. We know that our sports nutrition products are the best on the market. We’re backed by science; here’s how.

Plant-Based Nutrition Can Improve Heart Performance and Health

Elite athletes are not immune to the risk of heart disease and cardiac events. As they age, some endurance athletes can be more at risk of heart issues than sedentary people. The increase in artery plaque among marathon runners and endurance athletes shows that being active alone is not enough to get the most of your body for longer. Nutrition has a crucial role to play.

Plant-based nutrition has been shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and, in some cases, has even reversed the symptoms of heart disease. By switching to plant-based nutrition, athletes can protect themselves during endurance challenges as well as improve their recovery time and increase the performance of their heart!

Plants are high in carbs, the body’s go-to source for energy

Here at BACX, we understand the vital importance that carbs have to play for endurance athletes. The reason we have innovated our all-natural plant-based nutrition products is partly due to the excellent profile of multiple types of carbs in plants, to yield constant energy.

Using nature’s design means that you won’t over consume the wrong types of carbs that can lead to stomach problems and increased body fat %, which is proven to impact endurance.

Plant carbs also come with a bunch of minerals and phytochemicals that are important for proper vascular and muscle function during exercise. All of which are stripped away in ultra-processed and synthetic sports nutrition products.

Plant-Based Nutrition Can Speed Up The Body’s Recovery

During intensive training, your muscles are slightly damaged. These smalls tears are then rebuilt and strengthened during the recovery process. Inflammation is the body’s natural defence against injury. However, too much inflammation can lead to muscle soreness, reduced muscular performance and impaired recovery. Not what you need when you need to get up the next day and hit a hard training regime again. Plant-based nutrition has been shown to naturally decrease inflammation which helps to improve recovery times after exercise or endurance challenges.

BACX: Changing The Game With Plant-Based Nutrition Products

Here at BACX, we’re changing the landscape of endurance nutrition with our plant-based nutrition products. Discover the fuel for your next challenge with BACX.