There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution For Sports Nutrition

Why a one-size-fits-all approach to sports nutrition is set for failure and how BACX is taking a more holistic, science-led approach.

Sports nutrition brands have consistently told us all that their new product is the elixir endurance athletes need. Brands claim that their one, uniform product is a simple and effective solution to sapping energy during exercise. This is simply not true. All of our bodies are calibrated differently and not every type of exercise is equal, so how could it be?

Here, we discuss why a one-size-fits-all approach to sports nutrition is set for failure and how BACX is taking a more holistic, science-led approach.

The Issues With a Uniform Approach To Sports Nutrition

Men and Women

There is one glaringly obvious issue which arises from creating sports nutrition with a one-size-fits-all approach. Namely, that men and women have a different lean body mass-to-fat mass ratio. What is so often overlooked in the relevant scientific literature, is that nutrient intake guidelines are homogenised across differing body mass ratios. When standardising sports nutrition across the sexes, neither is adequately served by the products they buy.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of research into sports nutrition has been conducted in men. The resulting impact for female athletes and sports enthusiasts is that they ingest nutrients which exceed their needs. When those nutrients are carbohydrates, women can expect increases in their body fat mass and, therefore, experience a reduction in their endurance capacity.

To combat this issue, we have designed our products for both men and women. This tailored approach ensures we are providing the very best sports nutrition for both sexes and creating a much-needed balance in the industry.

Exercise Intensity and Length

The strain that the body goes through during an hour at the gym and a pan-Himalayan mountain bike odyssey are completely different. Therefore, these two types of exercise require completely different fuelling strategies. By subscribing to a uniform approach to sports nutrition, you may experience either depleted energy or unwanted weight gain.

Depending on the type and intensity of the exercise, it’s vital to choose the right fuel to avoid these impacts. For instance, we designed our ‘Super Charge’ endurance fuels for high-intensity endurance challenges. As such, they contain more carbohydrates, more branched-chain amino acids, more electrolytes and more water. To make sure your body can power through the longer and harder stuff.

The Nature of Uniform Mass-Market Production Has Diluted Quality

The sports drink and nutrition market in the UK is booming. Trends indicate that this growth is only going to continue over the next few years. Although this growth and the choice it provides is excellent news for the consumer, it can dilute the quality of the products. When you have some of the biggest drinks giants creating sports drinks, it’s almost impossible for them to give their products the thorough care and attention they deserve through the lens of their mass-market business models. As the science of sports nutrition develops, they can be left behind in terms of quality and fuel efficiency.

BACX: The Ultimate Sports Nutrition For Endurance Challenges

Sports nutrition is what we do. We have the dynamism and science-led philosophy to always ensure we are at the cutting edge of endurance fuel. We do not subscribe to a uniform approach and endeavour to provide tailor-made sports nutrition for our customers dependent on their sex, as well as the intensity and type of exercise.

Here at BACX, we have an excellent range of sports nutrition fuels available. Choose your fuel today